Tickets cost £80+VAT but they’re sold out now.


  1. Stephen Hay
  2. Sally Jenkinson
  3. Ida Aalen
  4. Stephen, Sally, and Ida chatting with Jeremy
  5. Rachel Andrew
  6. Dan Donald
  7. Inayaili de León Persson
  8. Rachel, Dan, and Yaili chatting with Jeremy
  9. Oliver Reichenstein
  10. Kirsty Burgoine
  11. Stephanie Rieger
  12. Oliver, Kirsty, and Stephanie chatting with Jeremy
  13. Ethan Marcotte

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Last year

This was the second Responsive Day Out. The first event was a rousing success. You can listen to the podcast and watch the videos from 2013.

Suffice to say, we all came away with flowing creative juices, tingling synapses and unbridled responsive enthusiasm.

What we learnt from the Responsive Day Out conference

I was ready to get my brains learned out.

And boy, did I get the learning of my life!

Benjamin Parry

There have been several accounts that have gushed over how enjoyable the whole thing was, and how amazing Brighton is as a venue for these kinds of events. I completely agree, and if it were to run again I would recommend people make the time to get on board.

Lee Griffin

Collectively, the guys came back buzzing with excitement, ideas and great new ways to enhance our current work flow, benefiting us and our clients.

If you’re interested in the direction the front-end industry is going, then we thoroughly recommend you go next year.

Our thoughts about Responsive Day Out

The fine print: No refunds. If you’ve got a ticket and you can’t make it, just give your ticket to someone else. Remember, there won’t be lanyards or name badges or anything fancy like that (but if your company wants to sponsor an after-party, please let me know). And please remember: be nice.